Reversing camera and reversing system direct from the manufacturer

Reversing camera systems from the European company Bergmann & Koch can be found in countless vehicles and machines - and for good reason. A reversing camera must be perfectly positioned, as unobtrusive as possible, of consistently good quality and guarantee smooth operation. It is precisely for these reasons that Bergmann & Koch's reversing camera systems are so popular; and because we at Bergmann & Koch are convinced of our products, we give every device a 60-month guarantee. Our reversing cameras and reversing systems are manufactured by hand with great care and experience for numerous brands and labels. OEM production and customer-specific development are among our strengths.

And if you don't have space on your vehicle for a reversing camera, we can offer you one of our special solutions. Inconspicuous reversing cameras and video reversing systems, always ideally positioned and quick and easy to install as an optional wireless variant. This makes it clear that Bergmann & Koch reversing camera systems are available in virtually any design for virtually any purpose.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 040 23 969-003.

Further information about reversing cameras:

Reversing cameras are becoming increasingly popular in modern cars as they make reversing safer and easier. A reversing camera is a small camera that is mounted on the back of the car and provides a clear image of the area behind the car. This image is displayed on a screen in the car, usually mounted on the dashboard or in the rear-view mirror.

Reversing cameras are particularly useful when parking or reversing on narrow streets or parking lots. They help to detect obstacles such as posts, kerbs, other cars and even pedestrians that might otherwise not be visible. This can help to avoid accidents and prevent damage to the car.

Another benefit of reversing cameras is that they make reversing easier for drivers who have difficulty turning around and seeing the area behind the car. Older drivers or those with limited mobility can benefit from reversing cameras as they give them more confidence when reversing.

Overall, reversing cameras are a great addition to modern cars and help to make driving safer and more comfortable.